a8W8EYd_700bI’ve been building up a huge backlog of things to post, the guys at work shares some amazing stuff!

Here is an image comparing backgrounds from anime and the real life locales that inspired them. Might have followed the reference a little too closely for my taste but still there’s something to be said for technical excellence!



Blue Umbrella Story Reel

Blue Umbrella Short

New job!

April 15, 2013


I’ve just got a new job (yay!), things are really cool but I have to cut back on the posts. I’m putting this site into a state of semi-dormancy for now 🙂

Happy Easter..?

April 1, 2013


This is brilliant!

I can’t find the link to the original artist, if anyone knows please drop a comment!

My childhood brought to life

And the songs for those so inclined

Incredible work. This was Rhythm and Hues at the top of their game.

Inspire Me Friday

March 22, 2013


Sony Pictures Animation Hotel Transylvania

Following yesterday’s post on smear shapes in animation, here’s a behind-the-scenes of Hotel Transylvania from It’s Art Mag. This film has got the most ‘pushed’ poses I’ve seen in recent memory.

(Spoiler Alert: It also gives away one of the big reveals in the show!)


Check here for a collection of smear frames and explanations of their uses. The above gif is part of a larger piece found on page 20 at the time of posting.

I love watching stuff like this,

The official trailer to compare with. Sony Imageworks is the lead VFX vendor on this show I think?


March 9, 2013



I love this, it’s an endless track of ambient sounds and noises you would expect to hear at a coffee place. (Think Starbucks, Coffee Bean)

I leave it on and it really helps me focus when I’m animating. It’s brilliant!

Relevant research here.  Exploring Effects of Ambient Noise on Creative Cognition.


From Bloomberg Businessweek

On the morning of the Star Tours opening, Iger met Lucas for breakfast at the Hollywood Brown Derby, one of Disney World’s restaurants. It was closed for the occasion so the two men could speak freely. Fresh from his daily workout, Iger ordered a yogurt parfait. Lucas treated himself to one of the Brown Derby’s larger omelets. The two exchanged pleasantries. Then Iger inquired whether Lucas would ever consider selling his company.

Lucas replied that he’d recently celebrated his 67th birthday and was starting to think seriously about retiring. So perhaps the sale of his company was inevitable. “I’m not ready to pursue that now,” he told Iger. “But when I am, I’d love to talk.”

Iger did his best to conceal his excitement and told him to “call me when you’re ready.” Then it was time for the two to arm themselves for a mock light saber battle to open the attraction. They joined an actor in a Darth Vader costume on a stage before several hundred cheering Star Wars fans. Iger was impressed by Lucas’s skills. “He just has this way of carrying that light saber,” Iger recalls. “He was more adept at using it than me.”

Lucas had paid close attention to how Disney had handled Pixar, which he still refers to as “my company.” He founded it as the Lucasfilm Computer Division in 1979, and sold it to Jobs six years later. He calls Disney’s decision not to meddle with Pixar “brilliant.” If he sold Lucasfilm to Disney, he figured there might still be a way to retain some influence over his fictitious universe. Much would depend on who ran Lucasfilm after he retired.

Fascinating read.

On Fostering Creativity

March 4, 2013

Brilliant talk from 1991, I wish I’ve seen this earlier.


March 2, 2013


Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been busy job hunting recently.

I left my job last year to practice my animation and it looks like it’s just about to pay off! Work is starting to trickle in and hopefully there’ll be something concrete by next week. Stay tuned!

Day 22

February 27, 2013


Bought a clutch pencil today, and this is the result! Used another figure of mine as reference. This took me so many hours, I think I’ll do simpler pieces for the next couple days.

edit: I see many proportion problems. I must block out the figure carefully and with more detail the next time.

Day 20 & 21

February 25, 2013



Construction practice with Wall-E and drapery with Coraline. Both are drawn from the figures I have. Clearly more practice is needed!

Day 18 and 19

February 24, 2013


day 17 day 18

Yesterday’s drawing plus today’s Lion anatomy study. I think I’ll stick to pencil for a while.

Some anatomical notes-

1) The cat’s clavicle is buried in the region of the shoulder muscle, it’s a “floating bone”, it doesn’t connect to the rest body via any bone. This allows it to go through any opening it can fit it’s head into.

2) Similarly, so is the scapula. It “floats” above the shoulder muscles. This is a defining feature of a cat and part of what gives it that distinct stalking feel of a cat’s walk.

3) They walk on their toes like most animals, what we think of as feet, are actually just the toes. The rest of the feet goes up the leg.

4) The front paws has a “Dew claw” sticking out the back, a lot of mammals have it. These typically do not touch the ground at all when they walk.

Day 17

February 22, 2013



Quick doodle today, after I added the marker as shading it started to smear and smudge parts that are underneath…damn. well lesson learnt.

Day 16

February 20, 2013


Traditional media today, quick doodle of tigers since I’m animating some now.

Day 15 is missing because Photoshop is in a mess! I’ll update as soon as I can reinstall it.

Day 14

February 19, 2013






Received my english version of the Hyrule Historia today!

So here’s a drawing of Link. Used my Figma figure as reference. I intend to colour and finish this tomorrow.

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