Feminine traits

February 16, 2010

When ever I see an unusual or defining gesture other people make, I’ll make a note in my sketch book for future use. Problem is I never use them. Maybe because it’s too troublesome to flip through a couple of books just to find the one thing I saw a couple weeks back. Anyway I’ve recently reorganized some of my notes I’ll share them here, also as a way to keep them tidy and accessible.

Feminine Traits

Knees typically points towards each other

More shoulder movement

Head tilts to expose neckline

Fingers are typically more extended (not as curled up as guys)

Higher center of gravity

Looser hips (more movement on the hips)

More relaxed wrists

Forearm swings in a bigger arc away from body

These are not rules, and it would be dangerous to treat them as such. Instead they should be treated as guidelines or a foundation to be built upon. Example: A strong woman wouldn’t sway around as much when she talks,  she has a lowered center of gravity.

All of these trait need not apply just to women, they can also be used to make a macho guy look weaker. Imagine a barrel necked muscle man marching around with an exaggerated hip sway, or tilting his head and exposing his neckline every time he talks.

See what I mean?


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