Freakishly clever: A Tim Burton Profile

March 24, 2010

Flickering myth posted a four part feature on the work of Tim Burton, from his days as an animator at Disney, to his recent Alice in Wonderland,

Looking back on his time at Disney, Tim Burton declared, “They were trying to train new animators. All the old guys had retired, so what was left in charge were these second-stringers. They were older; they were bitter that they weren’t the ones in the limelight. So a lot of things besides creativity leaked in. What drove me nuts is, here you are Disney – ‘Best animation in the world,’ they say.’ A dream come true.’ And on the other hand, they say, ‘Remove part of your brain and become a zombie factory worker.’ The split that it created drove people nuts. So you either succumb to it or you leave.”


One Response to “Freakishly clever: A Tim Burton Profile”

  1. Hi there, just dropping by to say thanks for the shout out, cheers.

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