Bone film

March 26, 2010

Jeff Smith talks about the possibility of his comic book Bone, being made into a feature film at

This is excellent news! The movie possibility has occurred to me ever since I first read Bone a year ago , it’s a comic book that really felt like an animated film! And little wonder, that Jeff Smith himself is an animator.

He explained the different ways he manipulates the reader. “I don’t have motion at my control like I would in film. I have to slow you down, so if someone talks, you will read that, which takes time.” He can speed the reader up, too. “If I want a character to run, jump and land in as few panels as possible, I spend a short amount of time—one panel—on him in the air. And I would not put a lot of detail in it. Wouldn’t want a lot of things to dry your eye out! That’s an animation technique.”

The book is a really great read, coming in at 1332 pages its also a story of epic proportions. Check out the book Here.

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