creativeLive: Free online classes

April 10, 2010

creativeLIVE hosts a bunch of completely free online lessons for artists and programmers, they range from Photography courses to Watercolour courses.

From their Faq:

Q: Are these classes really FREE?

A: Yes, the live presentations are FREE. We support the broadcast of the live classes by recording them and making the recordings available for purchase and download.

Q: How do I watch the live classes?

A: You can watch either via our LIVE feed at or via a GoToWebinar broadcast.
The creativeLIVE link will work for any currently broadcasting class. For GoToWebinar you must enroll using the links on the individual class pages in order to get the GoToWebinar link.

Q: Why can’t I watch for free if I have to missed a class?

A: We love bringing you the live experience for free. We love to learn and share what we’ve learned with others. We’d prefer not to think about money but it does take a lot of time and resources to present these courses each week. It’s the sales of our class recordings that allows us to pay for it all.


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