Advice to Graduates

April 26, 2010

From Mark Mayerson’s blog

If you’re not working, keep producing new art. That way, you can revisit studios once a month and have new things to show. That will convince the studio of your commitment. There’s no reason for a studio to see you more than once if your portfolio/reel are exactly the same as last time.

Stay upbeat when talking to people, no matter how discouraged you are. No studio wants to listen to an applicant complain, especially if the studio is struggling to stay in business. Stay enthusiastic and be willing to do whatever they ask, even if it’s not what you really want. There will be lots of time to reposition yourself in the future.

The state of the local industry isn’t too hot at the moment, but from my experience, studios are always on the look out for talents. They’ll grant interviews even if they’re not hiring, just to keep your work and contact on file. That said, timing is equally important. When a studio is hiring, they probably need you _now_, and thus won’t be as picky. The opposite is true if you apply during the “low” part of the production cycle, or when they’re just looking for the last couple of guys to round out their team.

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