May 22, 2010

This thread in CGTalk is epic on so many levels.

He posts an animation, absolutely refuses to receive any form of critique, and then proceeds to insult the people trying to help him.

This is one of his post to somebody’s critique;

Well I just came to your channel by coincidence. Now it is too funny….Did you see? What do you argue that much when you are a simple apprentice? Do you think because you paid to Animation Mentor makes you a Master Overnight? Instead of arguing stupid things you should evaluate your own work…you will actually see a bunch of glitches on them. actually it stinks..but you expect people to say to you ALELUYA…wrong boy you must learn to walk before actually run….Do you now understand about self confidence? People fly to high like you only to realized later that they are just beginners trying to correct people on how to run…you are just another CLOWN ! SAD..SAD..I thought I was talking to an Ex-Dreamworks animator….ha ha this end up very funny. Good Luck…you really need it man.

This guy cannot take a critique. At all. It’s like he came from DeviantArt or something.

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