Flickering Myth: A Hayao Miyazaki profile

June 1, 2010

Flickering Myth has posted the first of a five part series on Hayao Miyazaki, an excerpt;

“Paku-san [Takahata] really proved that animation has the power to depict the inner mind of humans in-depth,” recalled Miyazaki who experienced a second creative revelation when he watched the picture. “Amid the turmoil of finalizing the film, I had no idea what kind of work Mori-san had been doing. Tears streamed from my eyes. It was not because the three-year project was over. It was because I couldn’t stop crying over the figure of Hilda that Mori-san had drawn. I had thought I had put all my efforts into the film project, but I realized then that my work had simply been to create a container. It was Mori-san who had put a soul into it.”

Part 2-5 is not out yet. Those of you who brought the Hayao Miyazaki biography will find many similar anecdotes  here, but heh if you brought the book, I doubt that will stop you from giving this a read.


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