Walt Disney on Training Animators

July 1, 2010

Just saw this on AWN; and Letters of Note

It’s a letter from Walt Disney to Don Graham, detailing his vision of how new animators would be trained.

The list would start with the animator’s ability to draw, ability to visualize action, breaking it down into drawings and analyse the movement the mechanics of the action. From this point we would come to his ability to caricature action – to take a natural human action and see the exaggerated funny side of it – to anticipate the effect or the illusion created in the mind of the person viewing the action.

Walt Disney is a genius far ahead of his time, far from being a mere business man, it’s obvious he also has an innate understanding of animation as an art form. The letter really sounds like this is a really exciting time, they’re creating an industry that previously didn’t exist before, and now they have to quantify the animation process – put in into simple understandable terms and principles so that anyone can learn and train to be an animator.


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