Rapunzel: Boarding for 3D vs 2D

December 22, 2010


Over at Mark Kennedy’s blog, there’s a great post on his experience doing boards for Tangled, also in the same post are some valuable thoughts on the difference between storyboarding for 3D vs 2D.

I would say the other difference between storyboarding for 2D or 3D is that there’s more subtle acting that can be done in CG – it’s much easier to do a scene where a character just lifts an eyebrow slightly, or just raises their lower eyelids for a moment as an acting beat. In 2D when the characters have to be drawn, we tend not to board such subtle acting, because it can be too difficult to do in drawings, but when the characters are built and rigged in the computer, the animators have a much easier time creating subtle shifts on the face and body to indicate small acting beats.

It’s a most enlightening read, from a really experienced artist. Also check out his other posts while you’re there, I rarely see a blog that’s as chocked full of knowledge as his.



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