Interview with Glen Keane

January 17, 2011

Another interview with Glen Keane on the production of Tangled.

CW: It’s because you’re a complete artist. You like creating everything character-based, but now the work is separated more and more. Have you used 3D animation software at all?

GK: Yes. One day, I used it. It was SUPER hard. I gained a lot of respect for 3D animators. And, it was funny, but afterwards I realized they had to put A LOT of energy into creating something average and they put a quote on the wall saying that [laughs]. It’s hard.
But something that was important to me, the fact that I’m not a 3D animator… I was not very empathetic.

CW: You were not at ease animating 3D, or you were not very interested in 3D animation?

GK: No, I was not… I was not sympathetic to their struggle. The fact that–

CW: You didn’t understand their daily problems.

GK: Yes. And right away I would say: We have to go much further than that. And they would say: « No, but if you’d seen what we had before you’d be really happy with this. » And I said: « No, I don’t see since I’m not a [3D] animator, but we have to go all the way. »


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