Posing for Archery II

March 16, 2012


And here we have Pixar showing how it’s done.

One of the cool things about this clip (aside from just the fact that Pixar has come up with a girl who kicks serious heinie) is that all of the guys who are doing it wrong are doing it wrong the right way; that is, they are making the actual mistakes that beginners and self-taught archers make. I see every one of these things on the range every single week.


Posing for Archery

March 16, 2012


io9 has a great article on the new avengers movie – specifically how Hawkeye is holding his bow wrong. This is great reference stuff if you ever have to animate someone handling a bow.

Now compare the grip; Hawkeye is gripping the bow mostly from the side; his fingers wrapped solidly around the handle, with his wrist off to the side in an attempt to get it out of the way, hence the first arm guard. By contrast, Brady’s hand is holding the bow very lightly, just a couple of fingertips resting on it. The bow is pressed against the base of his thumb, his palm is at a 45-degree angle, and his wrist bones point directly into the center of the bow. This makes for a lot less bow movement and a much more accurate shot.

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