Motion Reference Library

April 29, 2012

I did some research today, getting ready for the Creatures and Animals master class, and I found these gems –

Rhino House


This site is perfect! It has thousands of reference videos on different animals (and humans) separated into Behavior, Locomotion and Anatomy. The video plays embedded on the website and it has controls for various different speeds for playback (1/1, 1/2 to 1/16), you can put line guides on the video, and step through it with the forward and back arrows keys on your keyboard (just like in quicktime!) with absolutely no lag whatsoever. I’m getting a subscription as soon as my class starts.

Reference! Reference!


This site on the other hand is free! It doesn’t have as many reference videos as Rhino House and the playback video controls don’t include playback speed controls or grid guides, but what -is- available has a ton of flavor to it. There’re Geisha walks, Business Woman walks, Ballerina, Pregnant Women. None of which are available at Rhino House. It looks like Reference Reference is still in the process of upgrading their videos though. Only selected videos give the ability to be stepped through frame by frame. In the meantime, download the video manually and open it in quicktime.


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