A study in contrast

April 30, 2012

From The Seven Golden Camels blog


Rockwell does all he can to create contrasts between the two distinct groups. The figures in the background are rigid, straight and symmetrical (and they’re all walking in sync) while Dad slouches in an untidy, symmetrical way. The church goers are dressed conservatively and dark while Dad’s outfit is full of color and a crazy pattern. His messy disheveled newspaper (both in his hands and all over the floor) adds to the effect, as does his rounded chair, in opposition to the vertical straights of the curtains behind them and the rigid, flat, straight lines of the house we see through the window that frames the church goers (there’s a reason that house is seen flat-on, with no depth or perspective).

Even Dad’s cigarette smoke is a crazy, disorderd zigzag of a line.

Simply brilliant.


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