Day 22

February 27, 2013


Bought a clutch pencil today, and this is the result! Used another figure of mine as reference. This took me so many hours, I think I’ll do simpler pieces for the next couple days.

edit: I see many proportion problems. I must block out the figure carefully and with more detail the next time.

Day 20 & 21

February 25, 2013



Construction practice with Wall-E and drapery with Coraline. Both are drawn from the figures I have. Clearly more practice is needed!

Day 16

February 20, 2013


Traditional media today, quick doodle of tigers since I’m animating some now.

Day 15 is missing because Photoshop is in a mess! I’ll update as soon as I can reinstall it.

Day 14

February 19, 2013






Received my english version of the Hyrule Historia today!

So here’s a drawing of Link. Used my Figma figure as reference. I intend to colour and finish this tomorrow.

Day 13

February 18, 2013


Muscle and tendons, top view

Day 12

February 17, 2013


Hand skeletal study.

Day 11

February 16, 2013


Tired today, more hands.

Day 10

February 15, 2013


Hands hands hands. I feel like I should draw even more but I’m also animating at the same time.

Maybe I should doddle when I’m in the loo?

Day 9

February 14, 2013


More hand studies.

Day 8

February 13, 2013


Hands today, hand on left looks wrong, could be proportions or bad foreshortening. Tomorrow will probably be hands again until I get it right.

Day 7

February 11, 2013


More noses today

Day 6

February 10, 2013


Today – Noses

edit: Right after I uploaded I see how misshapen the top left one is. More practice needed.

Day 5

February 10, 2013


Busy today because it’s Chinese New Year’s eve, just did a quick Form study. Curve surfaces are hard. Drawn on iPad, Paper app.

Day 4

February 8, 2013



Back to basics, practicing shape and forms, drawn on my iPad with the Paper app.

Day 3 part 2

February 8, 2013


Tachikoma! From the Revoltech figure, I left out some bits to make it easier to draw. This thing has so much detail!

Day 3

February 7, 2013


Apple pie @ IKEA

(edit: it’s half eaten and funky looking)

Drawing Thingies

February 7, 2013

Site’s been quiet for a while, but I’ve been keeping myself busy.


A Drawing a Day, I’ve just started this yesterday to practice my construction. My construction is terrible.


Cafe Drawing – Just random people on the streets, also just started again recently. Trying to get back into gestural drawings.


Sketches done for the Animals and Creatures Masterclass at Animation Mentor

and a piece of animation I’ve done in January

More to come!

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