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April 1, 2013


This is brilliant!

I can’t find the link to the original artist, if anyone knows please drop a comment!

Free Comic Book Day!

May 5, 2012


Today is Free Comic Book Day! Remember to visit your local participating comic bookstore to get your free comic!

For those in Singapore, Kinnokuniya is giving away comics to anyone who has a membership card 😀

Cinematography Workshop

December 22, 2010

Asterix Previz.jpg

Ngee Ann Polytechnic is hosting a workshop on Cinematography and Previz in the coming weeks, I’ve got the details below.

Panel discussion on Art & Science of Digital Cinematography
Date: Jan 6, 2011
Time: 9:00AM – 5:30PM
Speakers: Rob Dressel, Brian Pohl
Moderator: Wong Hock Hian
Ngee Ann Polytechnic
535 Clementi Road
Singapore 599489
( Lecture Theatre 22)

100 Seats

Workshop on Layout & Animation Workflow for Animated Feature Film
Date: Jan 7, 2011
Time: 9:00AM – 5:30PM
Instructor: Rob Dressel
Working knowledge of Maya in a production environment

Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Block 27, #04-13, The Dot

20 seats

Workshop on Previsualization Workflow
Date: Jan 7, 2011
Time: 9:00AM – 5:30PM
Instructor: Brian Pohl
Working knowledge of Maya in a production environment

Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Block 27, #04-14, The Dot

20 Seats

Panel only(Open): SGD$50
Panel only(Student): SGD$30
Workshop(Pro only): SGD$150
Panel and Workshop(Pro only): SGD$200

Speakers’ Biography

Brian J. Pohl
Sr. Previs Supervisor, Sr. Digital Artist. Co-owner, Persistence of Vision Studios


Brian J. Pohl was apart of the Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones previsualization team up at Skywalker Ranch in northern California. Upon the completion of Episode II, Pohl was transferred to Industrial Light and Magic where he worked as a previs artist on a number of films that include: K19: The Widowmaker, Men in Black II, The Hulk, Terminator 3, Van Helsing, and THX-1138 Special Edition.

Pohl is experienced with a number of 3D animation and compositing packages and served as senior previsualization supervisor on a number of films. In his spare time he occasionally teaches classes on previsualization at Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood.

Rob Dressel
Layout/Sequence Supervisor, Walt Disney Animation Studios. Previs Lead, Animation and Creature Supervisor.


Rob Dressel is a veteran animator with almost 2 decades of experience working at top production houses and worked on some of the top grossing films of all time.

He worked on many live action features, including Crimson Tide, Armageddon, and was Supervising Animator on Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves, Deep Rising, Mighty Joe Young, Inspector Gadget, and was the Creature Supervisor for 102 Dalmatians and Reign of Fire, where he supervise the rigging and animation of some of the most highly complex creatures development and animation at the time.

Rob supervised rigging and animation on Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.  Working on the early development of this film shifted his focus onto live action previsualization. After Sky Captain, Rob went on to previs for Transformers 1, Jumper, Hancock and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.  Rob returned to Disney Animation Studios in 2008 as the Layout and Sequence Supervisor for Prep and Landing which marks his first CG animated project. He is currently Layout Supervisor on Disney’s next animated feature: Reboot.

Wong Hock Hian
Art Director, Omens Studios


For the past 10 years, Hock Hian has worked varies aspects of CG productions on Films, televisions, games etc, from CG sequence for the popular Fight Science and
Sports Science TV documentaries on Fox TV, as well as Pushing Daises for ABC.

Hock Hian has recently completed previz and layout on Dreamworks Animation’s critically acclaimed, How To Train Your Dragon. He also did Character Effects work on Dreamwork’s Shrek Forever After and on the sequel to the blockbuster Kung Fu Panda 2. He is currently working on another Dreamworks movie, Puss in Boots.

Prior to that Hock Hian has work on 2012, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Astro Boy, Eagle Eye, 2012, etc.

Recent events

December 18, 2010

So many things happened recently, Dream Defenders had a cinema premiere earlier this month. (Tickets pictured) I’ve always wanted to work on features, to do something I’m proud of and see our names on the big screen. This is one solid step towards that direction!

But some bad news, another local studio has closed their doors,.I’ve heard rumblings about the problems they’ve face since two years ago. But I never thought they’ll close down, their pet project  is Kung Fu Gecko, slated to come out before Dreamwork’s Kung Fu Panda. But Panda came and went, and still no Gecko in sight.

I’ll leave you guys with a fantastic write up by Keith Lango about running a team of animators. I cut my animation teeth on his video tutorials until he stopped the subscription earlier this year. Check out his site!

For the first time ever, they’re including an Animation category for Dominance War! I can’t describe how incredibly cool this is, every year they receive -tons- of kick ass entries like these ;

But it was always concept art and models, this year however we finally have the chance to Animate. I cannot wait for the main competition to begin!

Below are the rules for the preliminaries:

You have 4 weeks to finish a short 6 second fight sequence between two characters with the following specs:

Create a fight sequence where one character is the attacker and one character is the receiver of the attacks. The receiver should start standing, but finish dead on the floor.

Mandatory: Use and rig two of the above 3d base meshes for your character animation. They must be different models.

Keep in mind, when animating your characters, they should reflect two of the 4 character classes found above: War General, Technomage, Shadow, or Corrupted.

No textures or coloring allowed. Entire Mesh should be a single color. Optional: You may show the wireframe on your rendered animation (the wireframe can be a uv map texture applied to your model).

No sound fx or music allowed. Animation should be silent.

You may NOT alter the base mesh, but you may add up to 500 extra triangles per character for gear, clothing, appendages, and weapons. No pets or extra sentient beings (including pet robots). Example: 500 extra tris for character #1 PLUS 500 extra tris for character #2. Optional: At your discretion, you may modify (add more lines/topology) the joints of each model if it helps its movement in your animation. This joint modification does not count towards your 500 extra triangles/character.

All lighting solutions and rendering solutions from any software package is allowed.

For this warm up challenge, you may not use special effects, particles, or triangles and textures for special effects, magic effects, etc.

6 seconds maximum for entire fight sequence. No extra time for lengthy credits.

Important: Your animation presentation must include your team’s logo emblem and your two chosen character class names (War General, Shadow etc) in your animation. It can be on the floor, it can be within an overlay that frames your shot, it’s up to you. Optional: You may add your name, website, and/or contact details alongside your team’s logo and character class names if you choose. For logos, visit – Here

Animations should be uploaded onto Youtube or similar site and you must paste the url to your animation in the submissions page for animation.

It’s hereeeeeeeee!

Pixar: 20 Years of Animation takes you behind the scenes of the cutting-edge studio that created UP, Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc., Toy Story, Cars, The Incredibles and Ratatouille. All of these Pixar movies have enchanted and delighted both children and adults for over two decades.

The exhibition features over 300 sketches, paintings, sculptures and storyboards, going behind the scenes to reveal how Pixar’s much-loved characters and worlds are brought to life. In addition to these one-of-a-kind works by artists and sculptors, the exhibition includes spectacular immersive environments and interactive experiences developed by Pixar to extend the magic of their films.

Venue: The Annexe, Science Centre Singapore, 15 Science Centre Road
Date: 2 April – 27 June 2010
Time: 10am – 6pm (Closed on Mondays except school and public holidays)

Ticket Prices:
Early Bird Discount
Public – $16 adults, $11 children (3-16 years), includes admission to Science Centre
Members – Early bird discount – $12 adults, $8 children (3-16 years)

Normal Prices
Public – $20 adults, $15 child (3-16 years), exhibition only
Public – $21 adults, $16 child (3-16 years), includes admission to Science Centre
Public – Family Package – 2A and 2C (3 -16 years) – $60, exhibition only


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