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Blue Umbrella Short

Happy Easter..?

April 1, 2013


This is brilliant!

I can’t find the link to the original artist, if anyone knows please drop a comment!

My childhood brought to life

And the songs for those so inclined

Incredible work. This was Rhythm and Hues at the top of their game.

Inspire Me Friday

March 22, 2013


Sony Pictures Animation Hotel Transylvania

Following yesterday’s post on smear shapes in animation, here’s a behind-the-scenes of Hotel Transylvania from It’s Art Mag. This film has got the most ‘pushed’ poses I’ve seen in recent memory.

(Spoiler Alert: It also gives away one of the big reveals in the show!)


Check here for a collection of smear frames and explanations of their uses. The above gif is part of a larger piece found on page 20 at the time of posting.

I love watching stuff like this,

The official trailer to compare with. Sony Imageworks is the lead VFX vendor on this show I think?


March 9, 2013



I love this, it’s an endless track of ambient sounds and noises you would expect to hear at a coffee place. (Think Starbucks, Coffee Bean)

I leave it on and it really helps me focus when I’m animating. It’s brilliant!

Relevant research here.  Exploring Effects of Ambient Noise on Creative Cognition.

On Fostering Creativity

March 4, 2013

Brilliant talk from 1991, I wish I’ve seen this earlier.

A study in contrast

April 30, 2012

From The Seven Golden Camels blog


Rockwell does all he can to create contrasts between the two distinct groups. The figures in the background are rigid, straight and symmetrical (and they’re all walking in sync) while Dad slouches in an untidy, symmetrical way. The church goers are dressed conservatively and dark while Dad’s outfit is full of color and a crazy pattern. His messy disheveled newspaper (both in his hands and all over the floor) adds to the effect, as does his rounded chair, in opposition to the vertical straights of the curtains behind them and the rigid, flat, straight lines of the house we see through the window that frames the church goers (there’s a reason that house is seen flat-on, with no depth or perspective).

Even Dad’s cigarette smoke is a crazy, disorderd zigzag of a line.

Simply brilliant.

Interview with Glen Keane

January 17, 2011

Another interview with Glen Keane on the production of Tangled.

CW: It’s because you’re a complete artist. You like creating everything character-based, but now the work is separated more and more. Have you used 3D animation software at all?

GK: Yes. One day, I used it. It was SUPER hard. I gained a lot of respect for 3D animators. And, it was funny, but afterwards I realized they had to put A LOT of energy into creating something average and they put a quote on the wall saying that [laughs]. It’s hard.
But something that was important to me, the fact that I’m not a 3D animator… I was not very empathetic.

CW: You were not at ease animating 3D, or you were not very interested in 3D animation?

GK: No, I was not… I was not sympathetic to their struggle. The fact that–

CW: You didn’t understand their daily problems.

GK: Yes. And right away I would say: We have to go much further than that. And they would say: « No, but if you’d seen what we had before you’d be really happy with this. » And I said: « No, I don’t see since I’m not a [3D] animator, but we have to go all the way. »


More on Fibonacci’s sequence

December 23, 2010

This video has been out for a bit, I’ll just post this here as a follow-up to my previous’s post.


I wonder, what if we incorporate bits of Fibonacci’s Sequence in our animation timing? Intriguing, yes.


November 21, 2010

CGTalk has a great production focus on Megamind. I haven’t watched it yet, I keep meaning to but now it seems it might close before I’ve had a chance to watch.. Bluray release it is!


October 3, 2010

I didn’t take any interest in the latest Blender open movie until about a week ago and damn. It’s really amazing. Amazing enough for me to pre-order their 4-DVD set, it comes with all the files used to make the short. Great work from the artists working part-time to finish such a huge undertaking. The Blender community has really come far in the recent years.

Here are some essential links:

Animating Sintel

The Trailer

The full short

And their official website , you can download the whole movie in HD from there.

Blender Foundation’s previous works: Elephants Dream (Project Orange), Big Buck Bunny (Project Peach) and Yo Frankie! (Project Apricot)

Flickering Myth has posted the first of a five part series on Hayao Miyazaki, an excerpt;

“Paku-san [Takahata] really proved that animation has the power to depict the inner mind of humans in-depth,” recalled Miyazaki who experienced a second creative revelation when he watched the picture. “Amid the turmoil of finalizing the film, I had no idea what kind of work Mori-san had been doing. Tears streamed from my eyes. It was not because the three-year project was over. It was because I couldn’t stop crying over the figure of Hilda that Mori-san had drawn. I had thought I had put all my efforts into the film project, but I realized then that my work had simply been to create a container. It was Mori-san who had put a soul into it.”

Part 2-5 is not out yet. Those of you who brought the Hayao Miyazaki biography will find many similar anecdotes  here, but heh if you brought the book, I doubt that will stop you from giving this a read.

Azureus Rising

May 21, 2010

This. Is. Epic.

This is done by Black Sun Entertainment, directed by David Weinstein. A product of a small group extremely talented artists working together. Man I’m just blown away. Seeing stuff like these gives me a “belly of fire” moment where I want to do nothing but animate for 20 hours straight.

One volt at a time

May 13, 2010

“The art of character animation is like catching lightning in a bottle, one volt at a time”

This has been around for years, and can also be seen at the Pixar exhibition at the Science Centre. Ratatouille is my favorite Pixar film and every time I feel the need to be inspired I’ll watch this sequence. Blows me away everytime.

MeindBender Rig

May 3, 2010

Check out this rig from Meindbender, see how far they pushed the design of the character. I freaking love it!

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