Day 18 and 19

February 24, 2013


day 17 day 18

Yesterday’s drawing plus today’s Lion anatomy study. I think I’ll stick to pencil for a while.

Some anatomical notes-

1) The cat’s clavicle is buried in the region of the shoulder muscle, it’s a “floating bone”, it doesn’t connect to the rest body via any bone. This allows it to go through any opening it can fit it’s head into.

2) Similarly, so is the scapula. It “floats” above the shoulder muscles. This is a defining feature of a cat and part of what gives it that distinct stalking feel of a cat’s walk.

3) They walk on their toes like most animals, what we think of as feet, are actually just the toes. The rest of the feet goes up the leg.

4) The front paws has a “Dew claw” sticking out the back, a lot of mammals have it. These typically do not touch the ground at all when they walk.

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