a8W8EYd_700bI’ve been building up a huge backlog of things to post, the guys at work shares some amazing stuff!

Here is an image comparing backgrounds from anime and the real life locales that inspired them. Might have followed the reference a little too closely for my taste but still there’s something to be said for technical excellence!


Check here for a collection of smear frames and explanations of their uses. The above gif is part of a larger piece found on page 20 at the time of posting.


March 9, 2013



I love this, it’s an endless track of ambient sounds and noises you would expect to hear at a coffee place. (Think Starbucks, Coffee Bean)

I leave it on and it really helps me focus when I’m animating. It’s brilliant!

Relevant research here.  Exploring Effects of Ambient Noise on Creative Cognition.

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